The year of the honeybadger.

I was having drinks with a couple of friends of mine last Thursday night — friends who have known me for seventeen years, friends I practically grew up with — and I was reminded that my New Year’s resolution for this past year was to live without goals. Of course, life didn’t really turn out read more »

Writer’s Gonna Write

I had an epiphany of sorts tonight. My head is on fire and my heart is light for the first time in a while and I have a very clear sense of self and purpose where, just earlier this week, things were incredibly cloudy for me. I’ve been struggling with my new position at work. read more »

Back to the Shire.

And so our adventure came to an end. On Thursday, we cleaned out the RV, dropped it off at the rental company, took a taxi to Circus Circus, and began our Las Vegas adventure. As I suspected, I suffered from immediate sensory overload, but eventually adjusted. Our hotel was nice, but a little far away read more »

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Today was a pretty low-key day. Part of the reason we adjusted our itinerary around for the week was to make sure we had enough time to spend at Hoover Dam since it was rumored to be a very time-consuming venture and we had to have the RV back in Las Vegas by 11am on read more »

Goodbye, Arizona.

Today, we said goodbye to Arizona, but we did it in the best way I could imagine. I woke up in the chintzy, partially-haunted, historic RV park on Route 66, watched the sun glaze the tips of the distant mountain in soft light, and curled back under the blankets in an attempt to do a read more »

A Hobbit Full Grown

Today was my 33rd birthday. I am a Hobbit Full Grown now. This morning, I woke up at 5:30am Mountain Time, walked outside of the RV, watched the sun rise, and did a guided sitting meditation. It was a nice way to begin the day, in a calm state of mindfulness, in the middle of read more »

Days one and two.

The adventure begins. On the first day, we travelled over 2400 miles. We started with an early morning at the Charlotte airport, flew to Chicago, and then flew to Las Vegas, battling incoming storms, high winds, and turbulence. We were able to see the jagged mouth of the Rocky Mountains beneath us, the small gash read more »

The journey begins.

Tuesday night, I dyed my hair a bright, vibrant red to rival Wendy or Pippi Longstocking or Tonks. I call it my “honey badger hair.” On Monday, at 4:38pm Mountain Time, I will have existed on this planet for exactly 33 years. If I were a hobbit (and as everyone knows, I really am a read more »

One balanced day.

Last Friday was a holiday for me from work. Unfortunately, it was not a holiday for my husband. Fortunately, this allowed me to spend some much-needed time on various areas of my own life, and I ended up having a very balanced day according to the suggested standards of The Healthy Mind Platter model. It’s read more »

Pictures of March.

For the month of March, I participated in the March Photo A Day Challenge. It was a lot of fun, though it was often difficult for me to remember to post a photo every single day — several days I had to play catch-up! At any rate, as promised, here is a collection of all read more »