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Six Resolutions for the New Year.

So, my initial resolution for 2012 was to live with no goals. I am sad to say this has not really worked out for me so far. Tossing my goals and structure aside was supposed to help me live more mindfully in the moment; instead, I’ve lost all sense of priority, my boundaries have collapsed, read more »

Six things I wear to work.

What are you wearing to work today? Tweet This Post

Six Ways to Procrastinate

What are your favorite ways to procrastinate? Tweet This Post

Six Tweets of the Week

Here are six of my favorite tweets that I posted this past week: I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Tweet This Post

Six things for a new year.

Sharing good wine with friends. Watching your lifemate sleep. Wearing your daughter’s boots. Playing board games. Reading good books. Having peanut butter on your pancakes. What six ways did you ring in the new year? Tweet This Post

Six Things for Christmas.

Here are six things I received as Christmas presents this year (Thank you so much to everyone who gave me stuff! You really didn’t have to do that!): What did you get for Christmas this year? Tweet This Post

Six things for Monday.

Here are six things that made me happy this week: What things have made you happy this week? Tweet This Post

Six things for Monday.

Six things to make you smile on a Monday morning: Sleeping puppies on the living room rug. Wrapping up a family in Christmas lights as a fun holiday photo session. Discovering old ornaments while decorating the Christmas tree. This awesome poster with my favorite Steve Jobs’ quote. Arctic White hot chocolate with Buttershots & marshmallows. read more »

Six things for Sunday.

Six things that make me happy: Irish Breakfast Tea in a cute butterfly mug. Songs from Fraggle Rock. This hat that my mom got for me as an early Christmas present. Christmas trees decorated in zany ways. Random hot air balloon sightings. Watching It’s a Wonderful Life at the Tennessee Theatre with my family. What read more »