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Update on the Anti-Diet

Two weeks ago, I decided I was going to try an approach to weight-loss referred to as The Anti Diet. I was going to stop counting calories, stop trying to achieve completely defined goals, and instead create a much more organic experience for myself — one where I paid close attention to my body, gave read more »

Baby spinach salad with tuna.

What was on the menu this week: Baby Spinach & Tuna salad Paired with Newman’s Own Organic Virgin Lemonade (LOVE this lemonade, but it is NOT a good pair with this particular salad, just FYI) (I got the idea for this recipe somewhere, but I’ve tweaked and played with it so much that I pretty read more »

Shrimp and grits.

What was on the menu last night: Shrimp & grits (yanked from this website about 52 Healthy Meals in 12 Minutes or Less that I found on Pinterest) Paired with: Killian’s Irish Red beer I doubled the recipe and made a few small changes: Prepare 1 cup quick-cooking grits according to package instructions. Meanwhile, combine read more »

Why I’m starting the Anti Diet.

In the summer of 2010, my company started a six-month healthy living challenge. I enrolled because my department was aiming for 100% participation in the program, but when I got the results of my health screening, I was suddenly much more motivated than I had been before. I knew that I was chunky, but what read more »

Ginger snaps, wassail, ham, squash & apple casserole, baked sweet potatoes, and cheesy cornbread.

I know I’m a few days late posting this, but I was rather proud of my culinary achievements for Christmas, and I really wanted to share. :-) First of all, I have to say that I was a little disappointed in how the fudge turned out last Friday. It was good, but it was a read more »

Papaw’s peanut butter fudge.

One of my favorite memories of my late grandfather is the peanut-butter fudge he used to make each year at Christmas. It was a delicious, rich, solid type of fudge, one that he made with old-fashioned peanut butter he got from a silver container with the oil separated on top. True to family form, he read more »

Tortellini, risotto, & veggies.

What’s on the menu for tonight: Buitoni’s whole wheat three cheese tortellini with Buitoni’s Alfredo sauce Lundberg’s butternut squash risotto Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers – Healthy Colors Paired with: 2009 Bogle Vineyards Chardonnay I did a much better job with the risotto this time. Practice makes perfect! Tweet This Post

Catfish, noodles, & veggies.

What’s on the menu for tonight: Kroger sweet-bourbon-seasoned catfish Knorr’s Chicken Broccoli Pasta Sides Great Value steamable vegetable medley with lemon butter sauce La Brea Bakery sourdough baguette Paired with: 2009 Bogle Vineyards Chardonnay This dinner is also known as the I-Need-To-Clean-Some-Of-This-Stuff-Out-Of-My-Cabinets/Freezer dinner. It would be nice if I could create delicious, from-scratch meals every read more »

Tilapia, risotto, squash & apples.

What’s on the menu for tonight: Lemon Garlic Tilapia: from Butternut Squash & Apple Casserole: from Italian Herb Risotto: I confess; this came from a box. Paired with: a delicious white blend from Daveste’ Vineyards Overall, not a bad meal. I wasn’t quite sure how to saute’ the risotto rice, so it was read more »