Monthly Archives: February 2012

Why I’m starting the Anti Diet.

In the summer of 2010, my company started a six-month healthy living challenge. I enrolled because my department was aiming for 100% participation in the program, but when I got the results of my health screening, I was suddenly much more motivated than I had been before. I knew that I was chunky, but what read more »

Progress report.

So, I’m not entirely sure that this tactic is working. I often feel as if I’ve somehow “missed the point” of a lot of the things I want to be focusing on right now — mindfulness, living in the moment, and forming real habits instead of just trying to meet some goal each week so read more »

Allen and Peter.

Despite the fact that nonfiction makes up the bulk of my writing portfolio, I still feel as if I have the soul of a poet. Throughout my creative career, I have maintained a fascination with Allen Ginsberg. If William Blake is my Illuminary Multimedia Muse and Walt Whitman is my Influential Literary Fairy Grandfather, then read more »

Loving-kindness meditation.

Sometimes, I have a loving-kindness meditation routine that I follow during my five minutes of meditation in the morning. This was a meditation routine I cobbled together from a few different things I’d read over the past couple of years, and it’s helped me become centered and focused quickly in the mornings while promoting that read more »

Progress report.

Well, not only is my progress report almost a week overdue, but I was full of so much fail the last week I set goals, that I didn’t even bother to set goals for this past week! To be fair, I was pretty much expecting this — I knew that the big conference for work read more »

Progress report.

So, how did I do with my goals last week? 1. EAT: Stay under calorie budget 5 out of 7 days. Success! I will say that the two days I went over budget, I went WAY over budget, but I kept my diet in check the other five days of the week. Consequently, I felt read more »

Six objectives in six months.

In my last entry, I posted about these over-arching goals — these parts of my life I wanted to focus on improving throughout 2012. Now, I’ll post some defining objectives, and explain how I plan to reach these objectives over the course of the next several months. By June 30th, I will work towards: 1. read more »