Sometimes, I cheat at meditation.

I confess — I am not the best at meditation. Really, I can only meditate for five or ten minutes at a time, and generally those five or ten minutes are not nearly as mindful as I would like them to be. Nine times out of ten, I fall prey to my wild “monkey mind” — I make to-do lists in my head; I start outlining blog essays; I think about what I’m going to wear to work that day. I will actually be taking a class in mindfulness in a few months, and I’m looking forward to learning more about practicing mindfulness with a little more clarity, focus, and discipline. In the meantime, however, I cherish the few minutes of true mindfulness I get to experience every few days or so.

Sometimes, however, I actually cheat a little at meditation.

Some mornings, I do something I refer to as “cuddle meditation.” I set my meditation timer on my phone, lay down and cuddle up next to my husband, breathe deeply, smile, and enjoy being there in the moment snuggled up with him. Generally, this type of meditation at least quiets my “monkey mind” and leaves me feeling recharged and loved. However, I’m definitely not working on the kind of self-discipline and mindfulness that I’m supposed to be exercising during my meditative time. I also lose the focus on self since I am focused on my husband, which is why I try not to do it more than once every couple of weeks or so.

Still, there are just some mornings, when I’m tired, when it’s cold, when I haven’t had enough sleep, when all I really want to do is stay spooned up against my husband — and on those mornings, a “cuddle meditation” is just what I need to begin my day.


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