Slow roasted mystery.

We begin "The Manhattan Project"

Last night, I was able to engage in some much-needed playtime with some of my favorite ladies. A few of us went out to a cabin at the edge of the Smoky Mountains for a sort of mini winter retreat. We shared Manhattans and port wine, snacked on various delicious cheeses, read poetry, enjoyed a warm fire, went outside in the crisp cold air gaze up at the stars and the night sky, and shared discussions, ideas, dreams, grief, tears, laughter, and stories. We may or may not have also communicated with coyotes.

It was honestly such an amazing, delicious, and magical evening, that I’m loathe to share all of the details here. It’s as if recording it all down would somehow make the night less special, the moments less magical. What I will say is that it often take a long time for me to feel comfortable opening up to people, and that last night I felt as if I finally got to that place where I could relax into my own self, open up, and begin the work of forming deep friendships with these people I’ve admired and enjoyed spending time with for a couple of years now. The entire evening left me feeling warm, loved, and nurtured, and it was great to be experiencing synchronicity, creativity, and playfulness with such awesome ladies. We sat by the fire and talked long into the wee hours of the morning; I didn’t get to bed until around 5:30am.

Berries found outside.

The next morning was a lovely one of recovery and laziness. I woke up, wrote my morning pages, shared conversations and leftover soup for breakfast, drank coffee, drank some of the most amazing milk I’ve ever had, read my daily passages from the books I’m currently working with, played a bit with my tarot cards, and just generally relaxed and took in the bright morning light.

Later, I ventured outside to explore the property a bit. There was a lovely creek, and a beautiful meadow. There was also a really wonderful swing, and in the spirit of letting my inner child out to play, I had to take a few turns on it.

These moments of creative playtime are so important for me. It recharges, inspires, and helps work those “Play Time” parts of the brain so vital to The Healthy Mind Platter. My love and gratitude to the amazing women who made this retreat possible. I will spend the rest of my weekend contemplating our “slow roasted mystery.” :-)

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