What my mornings look like.

I begin each morning with a very specific routine — a combination of three activities: Morning Readings, Morning Pages, & Morning Meditations. These are very simple activities, and they don’t take very long, but they help focus my day, and assist me in centering myself spiritually each morning.

Morning Readings: These come from four major areas. I have a Llewellyn Witch’s Datebook, and each morning I read and reflect on the information listed unique to the specific date. I generally have one other spiritually-meaningful book that I read a few pages from each morning; right now, this book is Joshua Becker’s Inside-Out Simplicity. I read any blog updates from the writers that inspire me on a spiritual and mindful level; several of those blogs are listed under “Inspirations” on the sidebar of this blog. And then, I take a look at the Minimalist Living section of my Flipboard app and see if any new posts look interesting enough to read or at least skim through.

Morning Pages: This is actually somewhat of a bastardization of Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way Morning Pages. In an ideal world, I would spend at least 15 minutes, and I would freewrite the pages, but I like sitting in my bed in the dark next to my husband while he sleeps, and I only have a few minutes to spare each morning, especially when I still have work to go to. So, I tend to type out just a few random thoughts into the Evernote app on my iPad. Sometimes these are coherent, cohesive thoughts; sometimes just a few notes about a dream or where my brain is centered on that particular day. The point is, I spend at least a couple of minutes writing each morning, which is good practice, and helps me clear my mind.

Morning Meditation: Again, in a perfect world, I’d have tons of time to devote to this very important and useful practice. In my busy schedule, however, I generally only meditate for five minutes each morning. Sometimes, I just spend those five minutes breathing deeply and being mindful. Others, I try to run through a short loving-kindness meditation where I hold myself and those in my life within the light of loving-kindness in my heart.

Depending on how much time I have in the morning, I’ll spend anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes on this routine. It’s a very sacred activity for me — it gives me much-needed quiet time to center myself first thing in the morning, and it helps begin each morning with positive, mindful messages. My morning routine is one of my most favorite parts of my day.

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