Oh, Internet; I have been away from you for much too long.

Of course, that’s not entirely true. I have been writing regularly at my From Inside The Puzzle blog — stories that explore parenting an amazing autistic child. I have filled the Web with at least 22,138 tweets. I compose elaborate Google Plus posts about history, healthy work-life balances, & sleep habits. I post pictures of every event that happens to me on such a regular basis that my husband has actually had to chastise me about it, and my daughter has to preempt every interaction with me with, “Don’t post this to Twitter!” So, I’ve not exactly been silent.

Still, this past year has been full of many Impossible Things I would have liked to have shared more in-depth. I got married, for one thing — something that I was fairly convinced was the Most Impossible Thing Of All for many years of my life. I ran a half-marathon, for another — me, the girl who struggled to run a lap around the gym in elementary school, hoofed it for 13.1 miles around Knoxville last April. I want to catalog, share, and explore these things when they happen. And not just the big things, but the small, daily things, as well.

I’m on a journey towards mindful, purposeful, and balanced living, and I want to draw a map of that journey here, in this blog. Just in case I lose my way, I can find my way back.

Shadow of a morning stretch.

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