Progress report.

Well, not only is my progress report almost a week overdue, but I was full of so much fail the last week I set goals, that I didn’t even bother to set goals for this past week! To be fair, I was pretty much expecting this — I knew that the big conference for work was going to completely throw me off of my schedule, and it was going to be difficult to live a balanced life these past two weeks. Still, in the interest of accountability, let’s break it down.

Week of Feb 6th – Feb 12th:

1. EAT: Stay under calorie budget 3 out of 7 days.

This was probably my biggest fail. I’m fairly certain I blew my calorie budget out of the water every day that week. This may be why I gained back the two pounds I’d lost. Still, difficult to control yourself when you’re scrambling for food and energy and going at a hundred miles a minute. Also, difficult to resist such amazing, yummy foods being served everywhere.

2. SLEEP: Get at least 5 hours of sleep 2 out of 7 days.

This may have been my biggest and unexpected success. I actually managed to get at least 5 hours of sleep 4 out of 7 days. Granted, I had intense sleep-deprivation (3 and 4 hours a night) the last few days of the conference, but I’m still glad I managed to get at least 5 at the beginning.

3. MOVE: Exercise at least 125 minutes this week.

Success! I actually exercised 160 minutes in the first two days of the week (before the conference) and walked 10K+ steps every day while at the conference. I think it’s safe to say I kept myself pretty active.

4. HEAL: Meditate every day.

I failed at this one. Completely thrown out of my routine and struggling for as much sleep as possible, this was one of the areas I sacrificed, sadly.

5. CREATE: Write & post 3 blog entries.

Well, I wrote three, but I only managed to post two. I ended up posting one of them a week late. I’d say that’s a fail.

6. PLAY: Date night with Stacy & airport adventures.

I did have a very, very lovely date night with my dear friend Stacy before leaving town, so that was a win. And while my airport adventures were limited due to the fact I didn’t spend much time in them this year, I did get spontaneously upgraded to First Class on my way to Orlando, and I wrote copious amounts on the plane, so I would call that an adventure of sorts. :-)

So, three wins, and three fails. Not nearly as bad as I expected, really.

Week of Feb 13th – Feb 19th: The conference was still going on for the first two days, and then I had to recover from the conference, and then I got horribly sick, so I didn’t make any hard-wired goals for this week. However, just as a general overview of categories:

1. EAT: I didn’t even track my calories, but I’m sure I was way over all of the time. (Even though, considering I spent 48 hours of the week probably taking in negative calories due to my stomach bug, would that count in my favor…?)

2. SLEEP: Excepting Sunday & Monday nights (still at conference) I managed to get at least 5 hours of sleep every evening. I think I may be close to making the 5 hours of sleep a habit. Then I can amp it up to 6.

3. MOVE: I didn’t move at all this week after the conference was over. I felt I was doing good to get out of bed each day.

4. HEAL: I got back on the meditating wagon once I got home; fell off as soon as I got sick.

5. CREATE: Did a little writing, though not much. Posted two blog entries tonight, so that’s good.

6. PLAY: Got to have a Valentine’s lunch with my husband, and a random Red Robin dinner with Amanda on Thursday. I’d sat I did pretty well with that category.

So, now to set goals for next week. I’ll try to be gentle on myself as I ease myself back into my routine. At least I didn’t fall off the wagon *quite* as badly as I expected. See? Sometimes accountability gives you good news even in the middle of a fail. :-)

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