Progress report.

So, I’m not entirely sure that this tactic is working. I often feel as if I’ve somehow “missed the point” of a lot of the things I want to be focusing on right now — mindfulness, living in the moment, and forming real habits instead of just trying to meet some goal each week so I don’t feel terrible about myself. My major struggle is food, and I intend to write a long entry about my unhealthy relationship with food, the problem of fat-shaming, and the underlying issues of my weight struggles at length later. For now, however, let’s just take a look at how I did this past week.

1. EAT: Stay under calorie budget 4 out of 7 days.

As I mentioned earlier, food remains my biggest struggle. I only managed to stay beneath my calorie budget 3 out of the 7 days. I think I need to take a different tactic than counting calories since that doesn’t seem to be working for me. Like I said — expect a long post on this later in the week.

2. SLEEP: Get at least 5 hours of sleep 5 out of 7 days.

I barely got the right amount of sleep in, but I did successfully get five hours of sleep 5 out of 7 nights. I intend to successfully do this one more week, and then I’ll up the ante to 6 hours.

3. MOVE: Exercise at least 210 minutes this week.

I actually exercised 325 minutes this week, so I definitely call that a win. I think, out of all the categories, movement is something I do very well. Perhaps because I’m spending so much time walking, and I love walking so much.

4. HEAL: Work on timeline.

I just barely got started on this — and, truth be told, I was up at 11pm on Sunday night trying to scrape together the semblance of setting to work on this particular project so that I could check it off of my list. I have a couple of days before my appointment with my therapist, and I intend to get a really good start on this before I visit her.

5. CREATE: Write & post 4 blog entries.

I actually wrote and posted 5 blog entries, so I definitely won this particular goal this week. Still, trying to set aside time to write and a place to sit in inspiration is still a struggle. I’m very prolific on my two blogs, and I do my Morning Pages exercise almost every day, but I have books I want to write, and poetry I want to work on, and those items remain untouched in the aftermath of my busy life.

6. PLAY: Random adventure lunch.

I actually took *two* random adventure lunches last week. For one, I explored the closest branch of the city library, taking notes, looking through the reference shelves, collecting ideas for a poem I’m working on. For my other adventure lunch, I went to Starbucks, and was given free samples of Sumatra coffee and caramel squares from delightful managers, and I watched a woman play with her young baby, and I wrote like crazy — wrote the first draft of the Allen Ginsberg post I made last week. In addition to my “adventure lunches,” I also went out on a random dinner outing with Stacy (I didn’t think I was quite up to running on Tuesday night, so instead we grabbed dinner at Bistro at the Bijou and explored several independent markets. Then, on Sunday, my entire family was invited over to informally help celebrate Nick’s birthday with Zaxby’s chicken, All Of The Toast In The World, and the Walking Dead. Rachael had made an awesome fort in the game room for her son, and A. delighted in hiding out there with my laptop for company. (I was secretly a little jealous; we all know how I feel about forts, after all.) So — I definitely got a healthy dose of play and fun last week, and it looks as if the coming week may be equally filled with unique and novel experiences.

So, essentially, everything was a win except for my continuing issues with food — and, as I said, I intend to explore that a little more in depth. It’s a very complicated issue. With the rest of the things I’m focused on, I don’t have the same level of emotional baggage, chemical addiction, and cultural influence that I constantly struggle with as I do with my food. But that’s another story.

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