Progress report.

Well, this progress report will be a little slapdash. I managed to leave my notebook with the post-it that contained my goals for the week at my friends’ house yesterday, so I’ll just have to let you know what I did in each category.

1. EAT: I think my goal was to limit my processed sugar intake, but I must confess I was more focused on getting in tune with what my body needed and trying to eat based on degrees of hunger and keeping myself from overeating. I think I’m actually doing really well on the Anti-Diet so far. Next week I’ll weigh in and see if it’s made any significant difference. I have a feeling I may be surprised!

2. SLEEP: I only got 5+ hours of sleep four nights out of the week. I’m fairly certain my goal was five.

3. MOVE: I have no idea what my goal was, but I ended up exercising 285 minutes this week. That also included two runs — one 3 miles, and one 1 mile. I felt pretty good about that.

4. HEAL: I had an appointment with my therapist, which is always call for healing. I also made significant progress on the Timeline she’d assigned me, so not only did I go to therapy, but I also did my homework! :-)

5. CREATE: I wrote and posted five blog entries last week, which was one greater than my goal of four. However, I did not get a chance to work on the poem that’s been stewing in my head, and I really need to do that, soon.

6. PLAY: LOTS of playtime this past week. Princess Bride & pizza with Jill & A., Book Club night, Lunch & Massage with Stacy & Rachael, then our fabulous craft day on Sunday where we made art on pizza boxes (thank you, Pinterest!)

I think the biggest win for me this week, however, was learning to live mindfully — and, more importantly, learning to marry my body to my mind so that I can understand, be aware, and recognize the value of my physical self. I feel better, I think I’m eating better, and I’m finding physical things to do that I enjoy doing. I’m making it less of a chore and focusing on living a nourishing life. It’s a start, anyway. :-)

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