Progress report.

Well, let’s see how I did this week, without setting any tangible goals and just listening to my body and my self.

1. EAT – I feel like I did a great job keeping my food intake healthy and within normal hunger limits. Mostly, I’ve just been trying to eat healthy, wholesome food when available, making sure I don’t let myself get hungry, but also not stuffing myself full, either. I’ve upped my protein intake, especially in the mornings, and that seems to have helped. I’m also eating several smaller meals throughout the day. I feel better and lighter, and some preliminary weigh-ins are telling me this approach is working, I’ll be sure to do a more in-depth overview of my progress with the Anti-Diet later this week.

2. SLEEP – Listening to my body has also meant getting to bed when I get tired or sleepy, which has been a big win. I got 6+ hours of sleep four days, and 5+ hours of sleep two days last week. I only got under 5 hours of sleep on one evening! I’m sure part of it was because my allergies were acting up and my allergy medication knocked me soundly out, but it was still a wonderful feeling to be so well-rested all week!

3. MOVE – I exercised at least 380 minutes this past week — difficult to hone it down to specifics since I only use my RunKeeper to track walks & runs. My activities this past week consisted of walking, running, playing Just Dance with my daughter, playing disc golf with friends, and walking around the zoo with my TVUUC RE class. There was definitely a lot of movement this week — and movement that made me feel wholesome; movement I enjoyed.

4. HEAL – I went to the orientation for the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course that my therapist has been trying to get me involved with for over a year now. The orientation was really compelling. For part of it, we got to watch a video of Jon Kabat-Zinn working with people in the same sort of class we’ll be enrolled in, which was pretty inspiring. There’s something that speaks to my inherent Appalachian nature when I see practical, down-to-earth people engaging in meditation and explaining how it helps. The orientation has helped me become a little more mindful of the way I think and react to things, which has been a big win.

5. CREATE – I wrote and posted 5 blog entries last week, I worked on my Morning Pages almost every day, and I added a few passages to my Holy Moments collection. I still want to work on the poem in my head and my autism book. Hopefully I can make some time for that over the week or this weekend.

6. PLAY – I had another Starbucks writing adventure where I was enriched by the atmosphere and the amazing customer service at the place. We also got to play disc golf with friends on Saturday (my second game ever) and watch the Walking Dead with friends on Sunday night. Playing at the zoo with the kids from church was also a kind of adventure. Overall, I felt very enriched without being overwhelmed.

Well, I would call that an amazing success, if I were measuring such a thing. :-) I wonder what this next week will bring?

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