About The Author:

This Is MeMy name is Devon Koren Alley, and I have been writing on the Internet for nearly fifteen years. My online journal and personal blog went through several seasons, phases, incarnations, and evolutions before dying a slow death somewhere in the vicinity of 2009, when I began to focus my time and energy on my blog about my daughter, a somewhat painful journey through psychotherapy, and, of course, Twitter. On the physical plane, I live on the best side of the tracks in Powell, Tennessee, with my husband, daughter, cat, and dog.

Why This Blog:

As much as I love my daughter, and as much of my life is focused on the ongoing journey of learning how to nurture and parent an autistic child, there are still many other “impossible things” that I do every day. As much as I love to document every minute of my life on Twitter, there are still many things that just won’t fit into 140 characters. Thus, I decided to resurrect my old online journal — albeit it in a much more focused, purposeful format.

What’s An “Impossible Thing”?

I am on a journey towards mindful, purposeful, and balanced living; as a mother, wife, & full-time corporate worker bee, this often seems like an impossible journey. I believe, however, that it is a journey that can be done, but it must be done in small, celebrated, “impossible” steps. This blog is where I will celebrate those steps — be it creative desk organization, delicious recipes, different fitness routines, lunchtime adventures, or meditation explorations, I will collect them here, just in case some of the crazy things that help me in my journey might help you in yours.